Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Story

Once apon a time, somewhere near 1947, Jim met Nadine. It was so hard to meet someone because Jim had some weird features. He was so tall that he could drink water from the clouds. The towns people were getting mad because no rain would hit the ground. They chased Jim away. On his long travel, he met Nadine. She too occasionally took cloud sips.
Jim had too build a house because they were too big to get a house big enough for them. Jim was out for a walk and saw a bigger than normal person. He didn't know but it was Sasquatch. He named him Achmed. Jim took him home as a pet. He said that he had a pet but no one believed him. He was too big. Once someone peaked in to his house and saw Achmed.
Then the whole town knew. The townspeople was always trying to talk to them. Nadine ran. Jim had stood and fought. The army had to shoot him to kill him.

This is the story that we had to write for language arts class. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Funny story. I like the part when he can drink from the clouds.