Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cooking With Jacob

We have a media project that we have to find something that we like and I picked cooking. I cook everything from breakfast to dinner, and from entrees to dessert. I have a recipe on guacamole, peanut butter cookies, and a video of my demonstration speech that I did on dish pan cookies. I decided to present it through a wiki. I have a link to my wiki and I have a link HERE! I hope that you have fun making these dishes and I hope you have as good as luck as me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Secret Builders

Secret builders was a lot better than poptropica. You could interact with others a lot more than poptropica. The games were a lot better than the poptropica. It was easy to get started. All you need is an email and a password. There was some stupid people on it but there is stupid people everywhere. I recommend it for teenagers more than little kids. There was some education. There was some quizzes that would teach random facts. It deals with money. You can buy stuff that you can't find anywhere else.
There are different islands that you go to to get different things and meet different people.Here is a picture of the front page.
The different places will be on the map at the bottom of the post. I was a good game and worked well.

Science Fair

This year's science fair was really stressful. I was doing my experiment on different glues and their bonds. I found out that Elmer's Wood Glue had the best bond. I also found out that glues are a type of covalent bond, and that welding is ionic bond.